bread basics

Imagine visiting a doctor so you can get sicker. Makes sense? Maybe in la-la land but not in this world.

And in the same way - eating a foundational food like bread should not be injurious to health.

Our breads do their jobs to perfection; taste fantastic, make life easier in the kitchen - and keep us healthy and feeling great.

They won't pay your bills or negotiate with your kids - we guarantee that.

It's fresh preservative free bread so it won't keep for ages and ages. That's Mac Donald's.

Store our breads in the fridge or freezer.

In the realm of bread surgery - preservatives- those sneaky little chemicals have been caught red handed causing mischief to our precious stomachs.

And since our guts are what hold our bodies together- no joke, they really do - no destruction allowed!

A soon as you receive your bread please store it in the fridge for a week or freeze it for up to 3 months (freezing bread is amazing- they keep perfectly and there's no waste). What's more you can put the frozen slices straight into the toaster- no need to wait (phew).

Listen up. Added gluten, that sly bread 'enhancer and improver' also called Vital wheat gluten is like an overdose circus.

Imagine your doctor prescribes a gluten pill daily—perfectly legitimate. But then a tricky helper crams three times the gluten in. Triple dose! Result?

No. Your body turns into a Ka-Boom zone, sooner or later.

We've eaten bread without added gluten for 15,000 years and done quite well – powering us and our civilizations (remember the Mesopotamians, Egyptians, Indus Valley, Greeks, Romans). Yip, all built on bread without added gluten.

Our breads come in two sizes: 400g and 800g - and as artisan and sandwich loaves.

Pro tip: keep our breads in the fridge for a week or freeze for up to 3 months (zero waste, folks). Flavor is in the crust, making artisanal varieties extra delectable.

In a perfect world, kids would embrace all foods effortlessly, but reality is ever-changing. Adaptability is key.

Enter the Fifty and Great White sandwich breads, a stellar starting point. With softer crusts, they're tooth-friendly for all ages.

Optimal dental, facial, and gut health? Chew on this: humans are built to chew a lot.

Modern soft foods, designed for quick consumption, disrupt the essential signals our bodies send to our brains, contributing to a health conundrum.

Here's a link. But in a nutshell, Impossible is the "no shortcuts" surgeon, ensuring your bread doesn't perform maneuvers that leave your health on the operating table. Our job is to make bread that tastes fantastical and won't put your health at risk. We make bread that puts your needs first. And we know what that means because we also to eat our breads everyday (many times a day).


We make our breads from the ground up because that's what makes them digestible and taste fantastic (you can't rush greatness).

We normally deliver within 24-36 hours based on your location.

We make delivery during the day as early as possible depending on your location. Deliveries are normally completed by 11am.

We don't offer early morning deliveries.

We deliver 6 days a week with no delivery on Tuesday. WhatsApp us if you need- we're on +918291046711

We always bake a few extra breads. If you're out of luck we'll deliver the next day. To find what's available WhatsApp us (message) on on +918291046711.

Deliveries are made by 5pm on the day (however, we try to make delivery as early as possible).

At the moment we deliver to Goa and Pune every week. Give us a call for other cities- we deliver to most. WhatsApp us if you need- we're on +918291046711


Apologies for inconvenience. Just email or WhatsApp us a picture of the bread along with your order number and we'll send you a replacement as soon as possible. Normally within 48 hours. WhatsApp us if you need- we're on +918291046711

Sure, no problem. Just WhatsApp or email us and we'll setup a call- tell us what you don't like and help us improve and we'll refund you if you've been truthful. We know our breads.

WhatsApp or call us on +91 8291046711 or email and we'll answer any questions you have about our breads.

Supply Shops, Cafes, Restaurants, Hotels? Yes we do.

Get in touch. We have a range of standard products we supply and also do custom breads as long as we don't have to add junk ingredients to our bread we can do it.