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83/4 Ranjapada Naka, Bodani, Near Sai Mandir & Guild Art Gallery. Alibaug- 402201 Maharashtra, India

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Tue - Fri: 8:30am - 5.30pm
Sat - Sun: 8:30am - 5:30pm
Mondays: Per Orders Only

Just flour, water, and salt. Great bread isn’t magic - but it is the stuff of life - and for that you need a fourth ingredient: Time.

Because without it, bread is not easily digestible.

Freshly miOrganic Indian flour + sourdough + time.

We don’t need to add extra gluten, antacids, emulsifiers, and other unpronounceable things to make our bread digestible.

We’ve taken something very good for us- bread- and taken the time to make it even better.

Because “good enough to eat” just isn’t good enough.


We baked our first loaf when our daughter was a baby. Our motivation was to give our child simple, pure, wholesome, great tasting bread – that motivation remains the same today – to bring you bread which tastes fantastic, feels great and your body loves.

What started as a single loaf baked for our family in a tiny 20 year old kitchen oven is now a bakery making great bread for families in Mumbai and beyond.

We didn’t compromise for our child and we don’t compromise for you either.